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Dragon Bracelet - Sterling Silver

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Norse Inspired Dragon Bracelet - Premium Sterling Silver Bracelet

Our Dragon Bracelet is inspired by Dragonships which were large longships that had carved heads of dragons and other magical beings mounted on their stem.

They were ships for chieftains and kings and the ship’s dragonhead was a visual message representing the owner’s status.

With a heavy weight and premium feel it's the perfect accessory to show off your passion for mythology.

Features + Benefits

- Made from Premium 925 Sterling Silver

- Perfect for Every Day Wear

- Sweatproof, Waterproof and Heat Resistant

- Super Durable and Reinforced Steel Clasp

- Sizes Available - 18cm, 20cm and 22cm

- Symbol of Luck and Protection

Sizing Guide - Which bracelet length should you buy?

1. Use a tape or cord, wrap it around your wrist and mark the end point.

2. Lay it out and simply use a ruler to determine the length.

3. We recommend that you get a bracelet that is longer than your wrist measurement to give yourself some breathing room.

So for example, if your wrist measured 18cm, do not get the 18cm bracelet as it will be too tight. Get the 20cm or 22cm for a nicer fit.


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