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In an emergency, windows can be broken and seat belts cut. Cell phones can also be charged when necessary. Every car needs a flashlight like this

Widely Used:The left side of the flashlight is equipped with a high-hardness alloy safety hammer, and the right side of the head is equipped with a knife. it can be used to escape in an emergency

Lighting Modes:  strong light/low light/strobe/side light COB light, this flashlight is ready to meet your lighting needs in an all-round way

High Quality:IP44 waterproof system, waterproof living standard, safe to use even when it rains; inside, there are high-quality, leak-proof wires to ensure it can keep working even when it rains

USB Rechargeable:USB charging, or when the power bank is used, the flashlight has a USB output function, which can charge electronic devices when going out

Convenient:The tail is equipped with a strong magnetic magnet, which can absorb iron products for lighting.



  • Super waterproof: We have done waterproof performance experiments. Put the flashlight in the water and freeze it in the refrigerator for 8 hours. It can still be used after thawing out. Soaking in flowing water and shallow water pools also did not affect normal use.
  • Anti-drop: Made of aluminum alloy and military-grade steel, it can protect the flashlight from damage when it is dropped, and it will not be damaged even if it is dropped at a height of 15 feet.
  • Use in emergencies: The unique O-shaped wave design on the head not only protects the lens but can also be used to break windows when necessary. Of course, it can also make the flashlight stand on a flat surface without rubbing and damaging the lens.
Taclight Power Pro- Most Powerful Focus Flashlight (With FREE High Cap –  Fleekery®